Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, we repair or replace broken Laptop Screens, Please drop off your equipment for your full diagnostic and Estimate Today.

Don't forget to complete the Equipment Drop Off Form

Step 1- Drop off Equipment Laptop or Desktop etc… and complete Equipment Drop Off Form online

Step 2- Allow 1-2 Business Days to evaluate and diagnose your equipment this is generally based on the current workload.  This process can be expedited for an additional fee of $99

Step 3- Allow 1 business day for Twisted Pair Technologies to provide a plan of action in the form of an Estimate that will require Approval in order for us to proceed. This Estimate will outline the pricing, parts availability, and an estimated time of completion.

* Please add another 1-3 days if we have to order parts for an older device.

Step 4 Last but not least pay your Final Invoice and Pick up your equipment.  

We offer a 30-day workmanship guarantee on all Twisted Pair Technologies repairs.

You might have read the term ‘MSP’ and wondered what it means. The abbreviation stands for ‘managed service provider’. This is a concept in which businesses outsource certain services to specialist companies.

  • Managing IT infrastructure
  • Managing software inventories
  • Adding cybersecurity hardening to IT systems
  • Offering technical support to staff
  • Managing user access accounts on clients’ systems
  • Offering fully managed hardware outsourcing

MSPs can offer remote storage or servers and provide Software-as-a-Service. Some managed service providers just supply hard-to-find IT expertise to prevent problems on a client’s system or assist users with usage difficulties

  • Provides staff on call around the clock at little extra charge
  • Clearly defines the work of IT support by definition in a binding contract
  • Can fill in for in-house staff shortages
  • Can cover for on-premise disasters
  • Can include data backup management to avert data loss
  • Can be scalable, adding on extra resources incrementally or temporarily
  • Removes the danger of a company being held up by industrial action
  • Reduces the problem of companies competing for scarce qualified IT experts, driving up wages
  • Makes highly-qualified staff available to all parts of the world
  • Makes experts in lower-wage locations available to companies in high-cost place
  • An MSP can replace a company’s IT department entirely, or provide a single niche service. The industry is evolving to provide expertise to all points of the globe and makes cutting-edge technology available at a low price.

We prefer our Invoices to be paid online, We accept all major Debit and Credit cards.