News10/30/2020by btaybron

Company Named #1 Veteran Managed IT Service Provider

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You know that feeling where you just get done twirling yourself sick in an office chair, and you just kind-of sit there trying to pull yourself together? That’s what 2020 feels like. Every single person is sitting on the edge of their seats completely ANXIOUS. What will 2021 bring? This year has certainly taken the whole world for a spin.

Despite all of the negativity, there is one company local to Hampton Roads that we so desperately need to call out.

Twisted Pair Technologies, a Veteran-Owned Managed IT Service, in the quint 7-cities, has blazed a trail right through the hearts of its neighbors.

So much uncertainly has passed through this year alone! From wondering if WORKING FROM HOME would really be the new normal to wondering how to suddenly get enough laptops for all of the kids to be able to do their homework. Many people have struggled to find headsets, laptops, mice, and basic necessities due to the global shortage of supplies. Toilet paper was one thing- but not having the necessities to be productive….

Twisted Pair Technologies is a tech company that handles all of your tech issues like computer repair, data recovery, virus removal, and software development. While many were NOT able to get help from larger brand name tech services, Twisted Pair Technologies came through for their prospective clients without turning them away due to COVID-19. They understood the importance of technology during this time period.

After being up and running as a successful company since 2012, Twisted Pair Technologies manages to uphold a 5-STAR RATING across the board! Google, Angie’s List, and Facebook reviews praise them for their hard work and dedication for so many years.

Thank you for carrying us and helping us through this pandemic, Twisted Pair Technologies!

Twisted Pair Technologies